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Jack Stephen Roberts

Jack Stephen Roberts

Jack Stephen Roberts. Jack was born on the 08/10/2000, he was my first born and he was born 8 weeks early weighing an incredible 5lbs 4oz.  He was amazing, he was jaundiced but I saw it as an amazing tan.  He was tiny, the tiny baby clothes my mum had brought drowned him he was that small.  He was a fighter, he was in the special care baby unit for just less than 2 weeks before he came home and it was all go from there.

Jack was such a happy baby, he was cheeky and had the best laugh.  He was a loving child who loved to play and was forever on the go.  He loved going to visit his grandma and grandad who doted on him.  He was my beautiful blond haired blue eyed boy, just like his dad.  About 3 weeks before his second birthday Jack got ill, I took him to A&E a number of times as he was so unwell, his eyes were swollen and black.  The doctors kept sending me home saying it was a viral infection.  It took my mum to start crying and tell the doctors he didn't normally look like this for them to admit him and run tests.  

The tests revealed a mass on his stomach and we were transferred to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.  When we got there more tests were run and we had a meeting with a consultant Dr Pizer. I remember the exact words he said "Jack's got cancer, Neuroblastoma stage 4, its the worst Cancer a child can have, and Jack's is the worst case" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I left the room immediately and got on the bed with Jack.  How could this be happening my beautiful little boy, this wasn't right.  Jacks primary tumour was on his stomach, he had secondary tumours behind his eyes and it as in his bones.

Jack had his surgery, which was hard to see him come round from but it was a step forward, then he had his intense chemo; this was hard, it knocked Jack for six as you would expect, but he did well with his count, but he caught a bug and ended up in intensive care.  He was so ill they had to vec him (knock him out) he was on c-pap to help him breathe as he had a lung infection but didn't know what it was.  He was ill for a few weeks but my little fighter started fighting again and started to improve, he held on and came back to me.  We took Jack home after  few weeks and the next stage was the final stage of treatment, radiotherapy. We went on the trek to Clatter bridge he had his radiotherapy which did make him sick despite the anti emetics, but it was another hurdle.

 That's it, the treatment was finished.  My beautiful son who was born a fighter, had gone through an awful ordeal having to fight cancer, had is little body put through it and he came out the other side fighting and laughing at Cancer.  He was in remission!  We went out so much in the summer, we went to wales, Chester zoo, long walks and stayed in watching videos.  I forgot to mention while in hospital Jack would sit for hours watching the same video over and over again.  one morning when I came onto the ward there was a student nurse sat next to Jack, I had found out he had been up since 1am and as he was hooked up the nurse was told to wait with him until he went back to sleep; by the time i got there at 7am the student nurse had watched finding Nemo so many times he knew the words and Jack was still wide awake.

We had a great Christmas with Jack, little did we know that it would be our last.  After Christmas my husband noticed his jaw was slightly swollen, we went back to alder hey who sent Jack for scans. I had the meeting with Dr Pizer who told me the news, its back and there's nothing we can do.  I took him home, we decided not to give him chemo as it would be sods law, he would be ill with this chemo. We wanted what time he had left for him to be as well as possible. We went to Donna's Dream House in Blackpool, which was great and Jack loved.  Jack also got his wish from the Make a Wish foundation.  We were all picked up in a limo and taken to the lake District to a beautiful hotel, a man dressed in a dog outfit greeted us and Jack loved it, in the room there were lots of toys and sweets for us.  

We were taken for dinner by the dog and Jack made the poor man sit down next to him.  We went back to the room and stayed the night but the next day we decided to go home, it was time, Jack was getting worse and he needed his bed.  We got him home and this was it, he started to sleep, his TV had to be on playing his videos and he wanted to eat as he asked for chicken and he held his fork with chicken on the end, but he even got to weak for this.  I was at Tesco getting a few things when my husband Lee called, I couldn't get home fast enough. My husband Lee was holding Jacks hand telling him it was OK he could go mummy would understand, but he didn't he held on for me.  When I came through the door Lee said to Jack, mummy's here and he squeezed his hand.  I came held his had told him I loved him,  daddy loved him, grandma, grandad and aunty sally loved him and it was OK to go. I kept saying I loved him and to let go it was OK, and he took his last breath on the 09/03/2004, he was 3 and a half.

Jack was cremated, we took his ashes to Cancun to scatter them in the sea so he could find Nemo himself.  I miss Jack every day, I now have 2 children Alicia and Lucas, Jack would have loved them so much. They know they have a big brother who lives in the clouds.  Jack touched so many peoples lives in his short life, I am proud I was his mum, he came into this world fighting and he didn't leave it without fighting, but in the end it was just too much.  We have a tree planted for him with a plaque with an inscription saying "a spirit as strong as this oak cannot be crushed, hope you find Nemo, goodnight and god bless little man." My amazing boy Jack Stephen Roberts born 08/10/2000 gained his wings on 09/03/2004

We are now a part of a growing group of families who are dedicated to providing support, information and funds to families facing Neuroblastoma and research into a cure for Neuroblastoma. We would very much appreciate your support by way of a donation to FAN via Jack's page. This is a new initiative by FAN and Jack's page is the first of its kind. We hope something good can come from our loss, and along with other families like us, we hope we can put an end to the suffering and cure Neuroblastoma.

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We are a childrens cancer charity made up of ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances. thankyou for being part of our Facebook community.

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Families Against Neuroblastoma Facebook

We are a childrens cancer charity made up of ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances. thankyou for being part of our Twitter community.

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