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Euan Hendry

Euan was born on the 21st of April 2007 in the George Elliot Hospital, Nuneaton. At just 18 weeks old, he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. His cancer was caught early because his tumour—which stretched from his chest into his neck— pressed on the nerves and caused his right eye to droop. He was initially diagnosed with Horner's Syndrome, which lead the Doctors to scan his chest and find the tumour. The tumour was biopsied to choose the best chemotherapy to prescribe. But, despite the results showing the cancer was slow growing and being told a relatively mild form of treatment would work; the next scan showed the cancer had grown. Seven rounds of chemotherapy followed, with increasing toxicity of drugs. Regular scans were given and at one point his wind pipe was so squashed that it was a 'z' shape and had the diameter of a thin straw. The pressure it put on his chest whilst his body was developing has left him with a deep recession in his breast bone, but you'd never know by how loud he can be!

Euan has finished his last course of chemotherapy and the growth of his cancer has reversed. he will be three years off treatment on the 12th of february 2011. He now has a small residual lump and will have regular checks over the foreseeable future. Euan also has to see a dentist regularly as his teeth are crumbling, he has already lost part of one of his front teeth and we will have to wait and see if his adult teeth will come through or if he has to have implants. He now has a total intolerance to lactose, is allergic to penicillin and plasters, and that's just so far ! He seems to throw new stuff at us regularly but we don't care we'll take whatever it is to have him.

Euan goes to pre-school part time and loves running around with all his new friends. Euan loves pirates, he's also a bit of a techno whizz, he loves playing his DS and pinching mummy's iPhone and downloading app's. He doesn't really know about his cancer except that he has to go and see his favourite doctor, Dr Pam Kearns at BCH regularly. He enjoys taking surprises (presents) to the oncology ward for other families and he helps mummy do lots of fundraising.

Euan's big brother Chanse has taken Euan's illness quietly, slowly absorbing the information. It hit him quite hard after losing his biological father to cancer at the age of 18 months. He rarely talks about Euan's cancer. He enjoys losing himself in his Xbox 360 or a good warhammer book. As his parents we know that through all this we haven't been able to give him all the attention he has needed but hope that he understands why we had to be at the hospital so much. Chanse enjoys spending quality time out with each of us and absolutely dotes on Euan. We spend hours together building things and in Euans case destroying them too!

Through it all, Euan has smiled and been a normal little boy, who is totally independent and his favourite saying is "I do it myself" regarding everything from getting dressed to using a full sized knife and fork. He refuses to be different.

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We are a childrens cancer charity made up of ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances. thankyou for being part of our Facebook community.

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Families Against Neuroblastoma Facebook

We are a childrens cancer charity made up of ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances. thankyou for being part of our Twitter community.

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