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Here we will remember our bright stars and you will be able to help to donate and raise awareness of Neroblastoma and FAN's cause.
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FAN are frequently arranging events for their members and volunteers please check out Facebook for the latest.
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Cure Neuroblastoma For Me

At the end of 2010, we launched a national awareness campaign called 'Cure Neuroblastoma for Me'. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of Neuroblastoma and its signs and symptoms so such a degree that it is a common household word.

We aim to educate the public as to the signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma, and to employ a 'test for Cancer first, rule out everything else later' policy. By making it acceptable and expected that parents and G.P's react to signs and symptoms in this way, rather than dismissing symptoms until the child's life is at risk, more children will be diagnosed early and lives will be saved.

Below are some of the high visibility campaigns we are working on. We are always open to new ideas and offers of help. Raising awareness of Neuroblastoma to this level will require a huge effort from as many people as possible. We hope you will join us.


Neuroblastoma on Eastenders

FAN is running a campaign based on Facebook to find 100,000 people who would like to see Eastender write Neuroblastoma into the story line of Eastenders. Eastenders have a proven track record of bringing national awareness and understanding to things such as HIV & AIDS, Cot Death and Bipolar disorder. Eastenders is Britains most popular soap opera and is watched by 11 million viewers, 4 times per week.

To have Neuroblastoma featured in such a way would bring about much needed awareness for this and all childhood Cancer on a grand scale, and would save many lives. Please join our campaign and invite all your friends to do the same by clicking this link and 'Like' our page.

Do One Thing

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The WigWalk

Families Against Neuroblastoma Facebook

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We are a childrens cancer charity made up of ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances. thankyou for being part of our Facebook community.

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Latest FAN News
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Madison goes to school

A SIX-year-old cancer sufferer has started going back to school

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German trial leaves Freddie living life to the full!

FINAL results have shown that Freddie Rowe-Crowder

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everest for FAN

FAN flies the flag for Neuroblastoma on Everest Our brave Everest team have returned after their 17 day mission to raise funds and awareness for Neuroblastoma.

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Why wouldn't the NHS save our child?

Ruby's parents raised £170,000 for lifesaving cancer treatment in America - then learnt the NHS could have treated her all along. Shockingly, it's a story being repeated across Britain...

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