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Our shop is due to launch early 2011, in the mean time please visit our ebay store and help support us.
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Memorial Funds
Here we will remember our bright stars and you will be able to help to donate and raise awareness of Neroblastoma and FAN's cause.
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Latest FAN events
FAN are frequently arranging events for their members and volunteers please check out Facebook for the latest.
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Bereaved Families

First of all we want to say that we are sorry for your loss. Many of us here have lost our children, some recently, some many years ago. FAN can't take any of the pain away, and we are not councellor's, but we can make a difference.

We can provide you with an online community of families just like yours where you will be able to talk and be supported on a daily basis. We have a large and fast growing base of families both in the UK and abroad, which includes siblings, grandparents and close friends. FAN has a public FAN page, a private family's only group, and a messaging service for family's in the UK.

Every month you will have the opportunity to meet up with other families and enjoy a day out. We often see siblings forge strong friendships with others who are just the same as them, and Dad's who might not use the internet, or phone as much as the mum's often remark about how good it is to know they are not alone. Grandparents are also very welcome. Once a year we have an Angel mum's break, and an Angel Dad's break, and we attend the Angel Ball, hosted by Elaine Ball of the Thomas Ball children's cancer charity. We are aiming to have our first Angel siblings event on the calendar for 2011.

FAN has a growing number of families who have Memorial Funds. These funds are a way for families and friends to raise much needed funds and awareness in their child's name. It is through these funds that FAN has built up an emergency treatment fund for any child who has not reached their target for medical costs in time, and offers a life line to those who need it urgently. All money raised is held in your child's account and it is your choice how you allocate your fund.

Some of our families organise regular, small scale events such as bootsales or cake stalls, some have friends and family set up monthly standing orders for £2 or maybe £10 pounds, and some organise large scale annual events such as a memorial day. However you use your fund, we will support your event wherever possible with fundraising merchandise, help on the day, advertising or anything we can.

FAN also organises fundraising events that you can sign up for, such as treks abroad and group parachute jumps. These events might even be on your list of things you've always wanted to do and now you have the perfect excuse to do it!

Of course you don't have to do any of that to be very welcome as a member here!

Bellow are a few words from some of our families, and you will also find some useful links to other charities and organisations on our links page, who may be of further assistance to you.

Families Against Neuroblastoma Facebook

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We are a childrens cancer charity made up of ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances. thankyou for being part of our Facebook community.

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Latest FAN News
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Madison goes to school

A SIX-year-old cancer sufferer has started going back to school

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German trial leaves Freddie living life to the full!

FINAL results have shown that Freddie Rowe-Crowder

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everest for FAN

FAN flies the flag for Neuroblastoma on Everest Our brave Everest team have returned after their 17 day mission to raise funds and awareness for Neuroblastoma.

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Why wouldn't the NHS save our child?

Ruby's parents raised £170,000 for lifesaving cancer treatment in America - then learnt the NHS could have treated her all along. Shockingly, it's a story being repeated across Britain...

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