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Here we will remember our bright stars and you will be able to help to donate and raise awareness of Neroblastoma and FAN's cause.
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FAN are frequently arranging events for their members and volunteers please check out Facebook for the latest.
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About FAN

Families Against Neuroblastoma is the first port of call for anyone who has received the devastating news that their child, or loved one, has Neuroblastoma. We are also the only Neuroblastoma charity to provide support for bereaved families regardless of how long ago the bereavement was.

We are solely dedicated to providing support, information and assistance in all aspects of dealing with Neuroblastoma, and we seek to fund specific research into cutting edge treatments of Neuroblastoma.

FAN has undertaken a national awareness campaign called Cure Neuroblastoma for Me. We aim to educate the public about Neuroblastoma and its signs and symptoms and make Neuroblastoma a word that everyone understands. Please see our purple handprint for further details.

FAN also aims to undertake any project that helps in the battle against Neuroblastoma. Please see our green handprint for further details.

Collectively, we can help you with all the questions that arise from initial diagnosis, and give you further advice on treatments not currently available on the NHS or in the UK. Should you wish to opt for one of these treatments, we can assist you with launching and running an appeal for your child, and manage your funds and medical expenses for you. We believe life is for living, and we provide family fun days out, usually once a month, and try to put a smile on everyone's face whenever we can. As with everything FAN does these events are organised both centrally and by individual members.

We are currently aiming to provide wishes for children under 3 years of age, and will follow with wishes for siblings of all ages, as this is a group that often falls through the net of other organisations. FAN firmly believes in treating all children equally, and we understand the devastation siblings can experience at this time. Our FANclub is growing all the time, and we have children of all ages who are going through this together.

We very much welcome those of you who have sadly lost a child to Neuroblastoma, as many of us here have, and we encourage you and your children to come along on our family days and meet others who have also lost the battle. We know this can be upsetting, but it really can help too. We have no cut off point as bereavement lasts forever.

FAN is about to enter its 3rd year and we now have several children who are fundraising for life saving treatment. We also have several families who have memorial funds and collectively raise funds and awareness to support FAN, other children and research into Neurobalstoma. Some of our members have been involved with Neuroblastoma for many years. FAN works because we all know what its like to go through this, and how much better it can be to not go through it alone.

Toegther We Are Stronger with FAN

Families Against Neuroblastoma Facebook

We are a childrens cancer charity made up of ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances. thankyou for being part of our Facebook community.

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Families Against Neuroblastoma Facebook

We are a childrens cancer charity made up of ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances. thankyou for being part of our Twitter community.

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Latest FAN News
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Madison goes to school

A SIX-year-old cancer sufferer has started going back to school

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German trial leaves Freddie living life to the full!

FINAL results have shown that Freddie Rowe-Crowder

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everest for FAN

FAN flies the flag for Neuroblastoma on Everest Our brave Everest team have returned after their 17 day mission to raise funds and awareness for Neuroblastoma.

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Why wouldn't the NHS save our child?

Ruby's parents raised £170,000 for lifesaving cancer treatment in America - then learnt the NHS could have treated her all along. Shockingly, it's a story being repeated across Britain...

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